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Message of the Grand Master

We are pleased to announce to the world's Masonic Family the establishment of the United Grand Lodge of Greece, which took place with all solemnity on December 2nd, 2006.

For national, cultural, masonic and geographical reasons, the city of Corfu has been assigned as the official seat of this Grand Lodge of Freemasons. This Grand Lodge has been dedicated to its celebrated Patrons, Dionysius Romas, Ioannis Capodistrias and Dionysius Solomos.

This Grand Lodge constitutes the continuance,advancement and development of the Amphictyony of Masonic Lodges which operated so successfully in the past in the wider Ionian Islands region.

Guiding principles of this new Masonic Body as follows:

1. The appropriately distance itself from the non-impartial system of authentic recognition by certain Masonic forces, to which so readily Greek Freemasonry has recently submitted. Because both, Freemasons and Masonic Bodies, should be recognized and valued only through the quality and consistency of their deeds.

2. In time, therefore, it will work towards the development of fraternal links, on a basis of equality, within the existent Masonic Forces all over thw world, taking pride in the fact that the system of the three Symbolic ranks is of Greek origin, as it was established, and has worked ever since, in the ancient Eleusinian Mysteries.

3. The existence of the European Union, creates new practical and jurisdictional facts and realities, and in this sense the spacial jurisdiction of this Grand Lodge, declares that  henceforth it will be extending to the whole of the European area.

4. Amongst the main aims of our establishment is the creation, through a third pole of reference, of the necessary de-escalation of the existent tension which has ensued from the Masonic Schism.  This new pole has no reason to actively intervene, yet nor to remain merrily neutral, given that it has a direct and long-standing knowledge of the conditions and problems that have provoked this crisis.  To this aim it retains the right to contribute to a de-escalation in order to reduce their unproductive antagonism which has kept them stagnant upon a balancing point of mere survival.

5. The new Grand Lodge explicity declares that it does not wish to attract Members or Lodges from the existent Masonic Forces, nor does it intend to create dogmatical juxtapositions, or to claim for itself spiritual rights, given that the collection by both sides from all kinds of ranks, forms, and dogmas, has already exceeded the appropriate and practical limits of structure and functionality.

6. To this end, it wishes, and looks forward to, the qualitative and quantitative growth of the two Forces, so that the Masonic institution, in a spirit of fraternity and common origin, will escape marginalization and become again historically, nationally and socially valued,  spiritually robust and proud and open to the challenges of time.

7. It declares its appreciation of all the existing Masonic schemes of male-only Freemasonry in the country, irrespective of form and length of standing, and it looks forward to their continuing qualitative, spacial, and quantitative development, as well.

8. Towards reducing both the bitterness and the differences of the past, it is declared, that all the brothers who have received the three symbolic ranks from whichever formal force, are being recognized as having kept all their masonic rights and titles, irrespective of any administrative, or other possible consequences, or of any possible long absence from active masonic service due to disappointment. In this sense they are now being given the right of participating in the relevant Masonic Workshops of our System, for a limited number of attendances only, so that they can again become effectively active and productive members of the Masonic family, thus anabled to subsequently follow, as they wish, their own personal course.

9. The limited time in Masonic offices, and the commensurate freedom of action of our Masonic Workshops, both constitute fundamental principles of our Statutes.

Published in Corfu, Greece, on the Winter Solstice of the year 2006.

The Grand Master

Efstathios Liakopoulos